Kopin Corporation: Wearable Products With Near Eye Displays, One OEM To Supply Them All?

By Derrick Zierler:

In previous articles, we have explored the strength of Kopin’s licensable intellectual property beyond their component display business. In this summary, we will review their core product line of transmissive LCD microdisplays in the context of enabling head worn wearable products. We will also touch on some advances in ergonomics that Kopin has demonstrated publicly and in patent filings.

Relentless Pursuit of the Perfect Micro-Display: CyberDisplay

Long before the wearable technology market emerged as "the next big thing" Kopin (NASDAQ:KOPN) was working on shrinking LCD panels to a size small enough that could deliver information discretely near-to-eye. You see, if you combine a low power miniaturized display with a magnifying optical lens, you can create an effective laptop size screen for the user. The advantages of this have become obvious in the past two years with various head worn prototypes being shown, including Google’s Glass product. However, back in the

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States Must Act on Execution Procedures

Death Penalty Procedures Must Be Examined

Yesterday, a death-row inmate named Joseph Wood was executed in Arizona.

The only problem is that, like Clayton Lockett’s execution in April, yesterday’s procedure went horribly awry.

Witnesses report that Wood snorted and choked for nearly two hours after receiving his lethal injection, a procedure that usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

Wood’s death marks the fourth “botched” execution so far in 2014, a disturbing trend for even the staunchest of death penalty advocates. In fact, according to New Republic, that makes 2014 the most problematic year since lethal injection was first used in 1977.

Botched executions are on the rise for one simple reason: There’s a shortage of execution drugs. Since the DEA seized supplies of sodium thiopental – the painkiller once ubiquitously used in executions – states have been forced to use untested drug combinations.

On top of that, state laws and the general secrecy surrounding how new drugs have been obtained (as well as what specific combinations were used) have made it impossible to establish a standard procedure.

Frankly, this is an enormous step backwards for society, and it’s time for the states to fix this despicable issue. Science and medicine have both taken cosmic leaps forward since 1977, making it inexcusable that the relative civility of the death penalty is moving in the opposite direction.

Now is the Time to Act

After April’s infamously botched Oklahoma execution, many called for a review of the death penalty procedures being used across America.

President Obama described the mishandled execution as “deeply troubling,” and he went on to request a review of all of the nation’s death penalty cases.

As Floyd rightly pointed out in June, though, the death penalty is an issue reserved for state-level governments. Thus, pro-capital punishment states should appease Obama’s request and review their death penalty procedures.

“Instead of hiding lethal injection under layers of foolish secrecy, these states need to show us where the drugs are coming from,” said Cassandra Stubbs, Director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Capital Punishment Project.

She said that states must “give assurances” that the drugs they intend to use will definitively work.

They could begin by consulting anesthesiologists or pharmacologists – a step that was amazingly not taken in Oklahoma prior to Lockett’s botched execution.

Thankfully, in Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer has ordered the state’s Department of Corrections to conduct a “full review” of Wood’s execution, which will hopefully evolve into a state-wide review of death penalty procedures… Because it’s clear that something must be done going forward.

The bottom line is that there simply must be better ways of executing criminals. Capital punishment is a hotly contested issue, but for now, it’s here to stay in 32 states across America… and that means it’s up to those states to heed the Eighth Amendment and prevent cruel and unusual punishment from being inflicted.

As a civil society, we can surely do better than this.

In Pursuit of the Truth,

Christopher Eutaw

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Best Dividend Investing Articles for July 2014

For your weekend reading enjoyment, I have highlighted a few interesting articles from the archives, which I find to be relevant today. The first five articles have been written and posted on this site, while the last five have been selected from other authors. I tend to post anywhere between three to four articles to my site every week. I usually try to write at least one or two articles…

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Why Visa Is My Largest Holding, With Further Gains Expected

By Alexander J. Poulos:

When constructing a well balanced portfolio, I believe in letting long term winners ride especially when their fundamental outlook hasn’t changed. Why cut a good thing short to take funds out to chase a different opportunity that may not pan out. Very often the stocks that become ten baggers are the ones that have risen quite a bit and plateau for a time, causing many of the fortunate early investors to sell and move on to an additional opportunity. The lack of patience is detrimental as the market beater continues its dominance and catches fire once again. We are seeing the above scenario playing out before us today with Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), a stock that has grown to become the largest holding in my portfolio. In the article below, I will re-examine the bullish case for V.

V operates the world’s largest pay network, a crucial industry in my view

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Why Germany’s Win Sent Brazil Stocks Higher

Why Germany’s Win Sent Brazil Stocks Higher

Soccer fans around the globe were dumbfounded by the shellacking that Brazil took in the World Cup semifinals against Germany.

Once the final 7-to-1 score was posted – officially making it the worst loss by a host country in the history of the World Cup – people expected riots in the streets of Rio and São Paulo.

Many also anticipated a continued downward spiral in Brazilian sentiment regarding the economy and government.

What the world didn’t expect, however, is that the crushing defeat would send Brazilian stocks higher!

Despite the loss, companies like Petrobras (PBR) and Vale (VALE) are on a serious upswing – with the former up almost 20%. And all signs indicate that the momentum will continue.

So what caused the sudden rally?

From Defeat to Tipping Point

As most countries are exiting recessionary times, Brazil is exhibiting one of the poorest economic performances in the world’s emerging markets. And Brazilians have grown tired of the corruption, taxes, debt, and government mismanagement that have pushed the country to the breaking point.

The World Cup loss must have been the final straw.

Brazil’s loss in the World Cup appears to be directly correlated to a downtrend in current president Dilma Rousseff’s poll rankings.  At the same time, popularity for her competitor, Aécio Neves, is moving higher.

My Brazil contacts also confirm that the sentiment for Rousseff is decidedly negative right now.

How does this relate to the market?

Well, under Rousseff’s socialist rule, the government has been using Petrobras as piggy bank. It controls a big chunk of shares, so it’s able to dictate things like forcing the company to buy future drilling permits.

If Neves, who is a capitalist, takes power, the government will no longer shackle companies like Petrobras. And it won’t fix prices (at lower levels than costs) just for the sake of government popularity.

A Neves-run government would likely mean that Brazilian rates should also come down, igniting a stock market rally as the currency (the real) falls. That would be good news for companies like Vale, which would see production prices move lower as the real plummets against the dollar – the currency that most resources are priced in.

With stocks already on the rise, the Brazilian market is obviously betting against a Rousseff re-election.

Of course, it’s certainly not a sure thing, and plenty could happen between now and early October when the elections take place.

But if you are looking for a speculation that has explosive potential, you may want to bet on Petrobras and Vale. They’re both cheap and have the type of potential to move up 50% or more between now and the end of the year.

I recommend using options that expire after the election. The options are cheap compared to buying the respective shares, and that limits your losses – while giving you the opportunity for unlimited upside if Rousseff loses the election.

Ultimately, if Rousseff loses, the sentiment about the World Cup loss would change from one of defeat, to a positive tipping point for the country.

And “the chase” continues,

Karim Rahemtulla

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This 3D Printing Company Is a Solid Long-Term Buy

By jaggom. Read more » »
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Creating Cures And Dividends Where None Existed Before With Gilead Sciences

By Ken McGaha. Read more » »
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Dividend Investors Should Shun AT&T and Verizon

Set aside AT&T’s and Verizon’s reputations as dividend darlings for a moment — your money is better spent elsewhere.

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DreamWorks Has The Building Blocks For Future Growth

By Suyog Dahal:

DreamWorks Animation (NASDAQ:DWA) has struggled recently to match the success it had with franchises like “Shrek”. In fact, all major studios have, as “Shrek” is still the highest grossing animated franchise. The search for the next big franchise has forced DreamWorks to spend “sequel money” (which I consider to be anything more than $ 140 million) on brand new, unproven films like “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” and “Rise of the Guardians”, resulting in losses and write offs. However, DreamWorks has a solid portfolio of content that should continue to bring in revenue while it strives to find growth.

Solid Core Portfolio Of Content

DreamWorks’ recent write offs have gotten a lot of attention, and rightly so. In my opinion, DreamWorks allocated too much capital into the production of unproven characters in films. Their budgets for the production of both "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" and "Rise of the Guardians" exceeded $ 145 million.

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Should I invest in AT&T and Verizon for high dividend income?

Most readers are probably aware that it has been getting more difficult to find decent values in the current environment. When I ran my screens for valuation, I stumbled upon AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ), which are telecom behemoths in the US. AT&T (T) has increased dividends for 30 years in a row. In the past decade, it has managed to increase dividends by 4.90%/year. Between 1984 and…

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