Comcast Remains A Very Good Idea

By Steve Birenberg:

Comcast (CMCSK) (CMCSA) reported better than expected 1Q14 earnings. The upside came from NBC Universal, a good thing given the magnitude of the financial upside in a successful turnaround. However, Comcast financial performance and stock sentiment is driven more by the much larger cable business. On that side of the company, results were very slightly disappointing, but nothing to worry about given seasonal factors, the timing of price increases, and possibly management’s desire to keep results in check with government scrutiny high ahead of the regulatory review of the proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable (TWC).

Make no mistake. Comcast is a powerful company with an excellent financial profile. Overall revenue grew 13.7% with operating cash flow up 10%. These figures were juiced by the big ad revenue from NBC’s telecast of the Winter Olympics and huge upside at the Universal movie studio (movie profits are bad for analysts to

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After-Hours Stock Movers 4/23: (ANGI) (AAPL) (FB) Higher; (HEAR) (TNP) (IM) Lower (more…)

Parametric Sound Corporation (NASDAQ: HEAR) 15.4% LOWER; announced today that it intends to offer and sell approximately $ 45 million of its common stock in an underwritten public offering. The offering is subject to market, regulatory and other conditions and there can be no assurance as to whether or when the offering may be completed, or as to the actual size or terms of the offering. Parametric Sound intends to use the net proceeds from this offering to repay certain indebtedness and for working capital and other general corporate purposes.

Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd. (NYSE: TNP) 12.6% LOWER; News Articles

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Dividend Stock Investors: Beware the Risk of Being Cocky

There are many risks to investing. For dividend stock investors, these risks can be divided into several areas, including these…

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Warning: Hidden Danger in Marijuana Stocks

Warning: Hidden Danger in Marijuana Stocks

Airports in Colorado are facing a perplexing challenge.

That is, how to stop passengers from boarding airplanes with marijuana in their possession.

It’s the offshoot of the state’s decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use, which went into effect on January 1, 2014.

Despite Colorado’s incredibly liberal stance on marijuana, federal aviation regulations still reign supreme. And it’s illegal to operate a civil aircraft with known marijuana on board.

Anyone pinched for flying with cannabis faces up to a $ 2,500 fine or jail time.

The state’s largest airport, Denver International, has a zero-tolerance pot policy.

Hence the challenge…

What’s a passenger with a stash in their pocket supposed to do?

Dumping the weed in a trash can is a really bad idea. Because that would simply encourage other stoners to dig through the garbage.

So the answer is “amnesty boxes.”

Such boxes are a last opportunity to ditch your weed before boarding.

For me, this storyline was a signal to address the viability of marijuana as an investment.

So I asked bestselling author, Karim Rahemtulla, to issue a full report.

As it turns out, although this niche market has profound barriers to entry, Karim found a direct route just north of the border.

~ Robert Williams, Founder, Wall Street Daily

From the desk of Karim Rahemtulla…

The marijuana industry in the United States is picking up steam – with new laws allowing the use of pot for everything from medicine to recreation.

Wall Street has taken note, and marijuana stocks are popping up like buds in a well-run greenhouse.

But not all companies are going to succeed. And the volatility we’re seeing in the industry could be just the beginning.

Here’s why…

Marijuana’s Unstoppable Momentum

Currently, 21 states allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. By 2016, more than 106 million Americans will reside in states where it’s legal for either medicinal or general use.

The market for legal marijuana is expected to top $ 10 billion by the end of this decade. And states are enjoying a new windfall in tax revenue.

Colorado, for instance, could reap in excess of $ 100 million in taxes in the first full year of its legalization program.

So marijuana certainly isn’t going away anytime soon…

After all, cold, hard cash and politicians (who love to spend it) are a combination that has yet to be defeated in this – or any other – country.

But what does that mean for you, the investor? Well, there’s a huge opportunity… to lose money!

Look North to Avoid Pitfalls in the Industry

Marijuana growers face a huge barrier to success in the United States…

That is, the disparity of laws that govern their crop.

Laws can change from state to state – and even from county to county. There’s no federal law requiring states to offer equal guarantees to either user or seller.

In fact, the federal laws still consider pot to be an illegal substance.

So with the patchwork of laws throughout the country – along with the massive penalties that the Feds could impose if they maintain and enforce the current law on the books – investing in marijuana stocks could end up being a crapshoot.

Hence the volatility in the sector.

So how do you invest in the growing marijuana market while avoiding any potential pitfalls? Easy…

Invest in marijuana stocks in places where the laws are more transparent and uniform. And the best place to start is just north of the border.

The Canadian federal government and provincial governments are aligned in their laws across the country.

As a result, after years of begging for funds, companies in the sector are now turning investors away.

One such company is a pure-play on weed. It’s using Israeli technology to grow marijuana on a farm in British Columbia. And it sports the Royal Bank of Canada as its banker and Deloitte LLP as its auditor. The company is Tweed (TWD.V), the first marijuana company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s Venture Exchange.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to diversify your “agricultural and commodity” holdings, it might pay to look to our friends in Canada for a straightforward entry into the sector. Risking too much locally may cause your investment dollars to go up in smoke one day.

Ahead of the tape,

Karim Rahemtulla

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Why Apple Is Heading To $700

By Wall Street Playbook:

Apple (AAPL) will report fiscal second-quarter results Wednesday. And investors are biting their nails anticipating another “disappointment.” I say “disappointment” because as evident by the 5%+ declines the stock has suffered following the company’s last three earnings reports, the Street has never appeared pleased with the results. But it needs to be kept in context. While Apple no longer boast astronomical growth, the company has, in fact, met or exceeded its own guidance for three consecutive quarters.

So what, then, is an investor to do ahead of Wednesday’s report? As with anything else, I recommend having a clear head and appreciate what CEO Tim Cook is trying to do.

There reality is, regardless of what Apple’s absolute numbers say, they are never going to be enough. Apple has become a victim of its own success. And the company will forever live in the shadows of

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Clorox Stock is Still a Squeeky-Clean Dividend Play

Clorox manufactures and markets consumer products worldwide. Clorox stock is a pillar for dividend investors, and should continue to shine for years to come

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Dunkin Brands Group Stock To Go Ex-dividend Tomorrow (DNKN)

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The ex-dividend date for Dunkin Brands Group (Nasdaq:DNKN) is tomorrow, March 6, 2014. Owners of shares as of market close today will be eligible for a dividend of 23 cents per share. At a price of $ 51.84 as of 9:50 a.m. ET, the dividend yield is 1.8%.

The average volume for Dunkin Brands Group has been 960,300 shares per day over the past 30 days. Dunkin Brands Group has a market cap of $ 5.47 billion and is part of the services sector and leisure industry. Shares are up 6.7% year to date as of the close of trading on Tuesday. …

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Do You Exhibit Shark Behavior Like David Tepper?

Do You Exhibit Shark Behavior Like David Tepper?

Meet David Tepper, the world’s greatest investor.

He’s the Founder of Appaloosa Management, a hedge fund with roughly $ 20 billion under management. He also owns a chunk of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While Tepper may look tame in photographs, make no mistake…

He’s a shark in the truest sense of the word.

Last year, Tepper annihilated his competition to the tune of 42% returns.

Over the last five years, he’s generated annualized gross returns as high as 50%.

In 2011, Tepper famously bought a $ 43.5-million beachfront mega mansion in the Hamptons – just so he could tear it down and build a bigger one.

That’s shark behavior!

I love reporting on the movement of sharks here at Wall Street Daily. So Tepper is someone I’ll be tracking closely throughout the year.

Tepper is presently bullish on U.S. stocks, and is especially bullish on the airline industry.

In fact, Tepper presently owns a massive position in United Airlines (UAL).

He doesn’t hesitate to make monster bets on technology, either.

Tepper previously made a killing on Apple (AAPL), and now owns roughly 236,709 shares of Google (GOOGL), having just added to the position.

But here’s the rub…

Tepper has very obviously recalibrated his trading strategy toward the lightning-quick adoption of new technologies.

Put simply, old rules no longer apply when it comes to tech investing.

You must exhibit shark behavior, which means striking fast.

Bottom line, to mimic the investment success that Tepper is having with technology companies, there’s one subtle nuance to realize.

Below is a “must see” video my staff just produced that perfectly captures this infinitely important subtlety.

Oh, and the video covers everything in less than four minutes.

Cheers to that!

Robert Williams,
Founder, Wall Street Daily



With technology advancing faster than ever, it’s absolutely essential that investors are able to distinguish between the truly disruptive, long-lasting technologies and ones that are just overhyped, passing fads.

And it’s important to do so early in order to maximize profits.

With the general population becoming more tech-savvy and demanding more disruptive technologies, the adaptation of new technologies is happening faster than ever.

Need proof? Just look at the graph, which shows the time it took for major disruptive technologies to gain mass adoption over the past century.

As you can see, technology was slow to catch on with the general public at the turn of the 20th century.

Take electricity, for example – one of the most disruptive technologies in American history. It took approximately 35 years just to reach 70% saturation in U.S. households!

But as we move to newer technologies, like the refrigerator, you’ll notice that the adoption time shortens. It might not seem like it today, but at the time, the refrigerator was a truly disruptive technology. People no longer had to buy ice for their iceboxes. They just plugged in their new refrigerators, and they were set.

The U.S. ice trade was valued at $ 28 million at the time. When adjusted for inflation, that’s a $ 660-million industry, wiped out, as households no longer needed ice to keep food fresh. Not only that, but people were able to keep their food at a specific temperature, preventing diseases and saving millions of dollars in spoiled food. Yet this technology still took 25 years to reach 70% adoption.

Another example: color television. While it took a few years to catch on with the general public, you can see that as soon as it did, it happened much faster. It took approximately 15 years to reach 70% saturation in U.S. households.

Its fellow living room innovation – the VCR – took only 10 years to reach saturation. And that was after a sluggish start, due to the highly publicized competition with Betamax tapes.

As we move closer to the present day, you can see how much faster the public adopts new technologies. Air conditioning, the microwave, cellphones…

Now, what about the internet, arguably the most disruptive technology introduced to the American people in history! Well, in 1997, the U.S. Census Bureau started researching the number of households with the internet. It only took 12 years for the internet to reach 70% saturation in U.S. households.

Or the first major release of a smartphone – Apple’s original iPhone in June 2007. By 2013, over 60% of Americans had a smartphone. That’s only six years to reach 60% saturation!

The takeaway here? Technological innovation is happening faster than ever – and so is public adoption.

As an investor, you need to be more aware of the changing consumer technology space, as there are outstanding fortunes to be made on innovative, disruptive technologies being developed. And you stand the best chance of becoming significantly wealthier if you’re able to identify disruptive technologies early, so you can jump on board before everyone else does – and before the technology gains mass adoption. Keep in mind that by the time you see new technologies showing up in the majority of U.S. households, it’s likely too late.

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Akamai Technologies – Looking Bright

By Damian Illia. Read more » »
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Profile of Energy Legend T. Boone Pickens

By Canadian Value. Read more » »

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